The GMJ European Committees meet in London

Representatives of the European solidarity organisations from Germany, Austria, Italy, Holland, UK and other countries will meet tomorrow, Tuesday 21st February, in London to discuss the arrangements for participation in the Global March to Jerusalem. The march will be organised to coincide with the 36th Palestinian anniversary ‘Land Day’ and will be launched from inside and outside Palestine and from neighboring countries towards Jerusalem or the nearest point to it.

Sarah Colborne, member of the Central Committee of the GMJ and the executive director of Palestinian Solidarity Campaign (PSC), stated that the Global March to Jerusalem is a peaceful protest against the racist practices of Israel, against its ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem, and in solidarity with the Palestinian right to justice, self-determination and liberation’. Colborne added that the British Committee of the GMJ has decided to organize a demonstration outside the Israeli embassy in London on the day of the Global March to Jerusalem, on 30th March.

Dr. Hafiz Alkarmi, member of the British committee of GMJ and president of the Palestinian Forum in Britain (PFB), stated that the practices of the Israeli occupation has gone too far and cannot be tolerated any longer.  He said that the time has come for serious actions to be taken by the people to put an end to these brutal practices. He also declared that many British organisations and personalities have announced their support and participation in the Global March to Jerusalem including the former MP George Galloway, the famous writer and historian Tariq Ali, writer and academic of Palestinian origin Ghada Alkarmi and the well known writer and British broadcaster Lauren Booth besides other well recognised figures. That is in addition to many other representatives of solidarity and civil organisations and leaders of Arab and Muslim communities in Britain.

It should be noted that the formation of national committees for the GMJ has been announced in many countries including Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, South Africa, Countries of North Africa, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Iran, USA and other countries around the world.

London- 20th February 2012

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