GMJ will siege Israel and its embassies over the world

Spokesman for the Global March to Jerusalem Zaher Birawi set the 30th of March as a start date for the support march to Jerusalem, stating that “spearheaded and supported by 150 international figures, the march would besiege Israel and its embassies over the world.”

On the conclusion of the conference of the International Committees of the Global March to Jerusalem, Birawi said “we conferred on the arrangements relating to movement and routes in the Palestinian territory, the ring countries, the Arab world, and in front of Israeli embassies in the rest of the world.”

Birawi announced a list of 150 international figures who agreed on the members of the International Advisory Board for the march, pointing out that a number of those figures will participate in the march, whether in the marches set off in their own countries or the ring countries.

Moreover, he disclosed that the list includes the South African pastor “Desmond Tutu” and the Irish “Mairead Maguire,” both Nobel Prize winners.

Figures from Palestine include Bishop Kabochi, Sheikh Raed Salah, and Bishop Atallah Hanna. While the former premier Ahmed Obaidat, the political opponent Leith Shbeilat and the former parliament speaker Abdul Latif Arabiyat are from Jordan.

Birawi clarified that “the march will send a clear message to the Israeli occupying authority and its supporting countries worldwide that the rallies will ward off the Israel’s threat of world peace through the Judaization of the holy City.”

He added that the march shall range a quality addition to the policies countering the Israeli discrimination measures against the occupied Jerusalem and its residents and its holy landmarks.

Member of Indonesian parliamentary Friendship Committee for Palestine Mr. Ahmed Zein El Din, who heads his country’s delegation to the Conference, confirmed that the Indonesian people are concerned about the Israeli occupation’s racist practices and ongoing threats to the holy sites.

He pointed out that the Indonesians will effectively take part in the marches; it will organize a number of demonstrations in the major cities and send a delegation to participate in Jordan rallies heading towards Jerusalem.

Member of the South African delegation Yunus Ali in turn stressed on the south Africans’ public awareness of the Palestinian conflict issues especially of Jerusalem since “the people of South Africa has been suffered under the apartheid,” he said.

He indicated that “South Africa is marking the month of March as “Jerusalem Month” by organizing an intensive cultural action for the community about Israel’s crimes against the Holy City.”


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