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Activists take part in Global March to al-Quds in Australia

Friday, Mar 30 2012 / Press TV – (Sydney) A protest took place in Sydney as part of the global day of action in support of international activists attempting to enter Jerusalem/Al Quds which remains a closed city. The Global March to al-Quds is an international peaceful movement that also condemns the Israeli occupation of


March to Jerusalem: A look from Beirut

Friday, 30 March 2012 / RT - The first Global March to Jerusalem will take off in dozens of cities across the world following a noon prayer on Friday, March 30. The street action planned in Lebanon is expected to be the most politicized. RT correspondent Nadezhda Kevorkova follows the preparations for the event in Beirut.


Global March to Jerusalem: Israel’s borders on high alert as huge protests loom

Friday, 30 March 2012 / By Lawahez Jabari, MSNBC – (West Bank) Palestinian organizers are calling for massive demonstrations on Friday to mark Land Day, an annual event that commemorates the killing of six Arabs who were protesting Israeli land policies on March 30, 1976. Tens of thousands are expected to participate in what organizers have


The Global March to Jerusalem: A brave and admirable attempt to awaken the world’s conscience

Thursday, March 29, 2012 / by Ghada Karmi, Mondoweiss - On March 30th a ground-breaking event will take place. I had not expected it would ever happen when I first heard about it. While teaching at the Summer University of Palestine last July in Beirut, I met a group of Indian Muslims taking the course. They told me


Female Rabbi Supports the Global March to Jerusalem

Wednesday, 28 March 2012 / PNN - Rabbi Lynn Gottleib, has served congregations in the United States for 37 years, is one of the first eight women to become a Rabbi in Jewish history, and has been a Palestine solidarity activist for over 40 years. She spoke to PNN about the importance of justice in Palestine and


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