List of GMJ events held on 30th March 2012 (Palestinian Land Day)


The people from the north and the center had their march at the Kalandia checkpoint.

The people from the south (Bethlehem and Hebron) marched in Bethlehem at “Caritas” towards 60 Street, and inside Jerusalem they gathered after Friday prayers at the Damascus Gate (Bab al-Amud).

Also, a marathon entitled “Jerusalem – The Eternal Capital of Palestine” was launched on Land Day under the patronage of the Jerusalemite athlete Said Misk

Gaza Strip

Tens of thousands marched towards the north to the closest point with the borders of historic Palestine, near the Hammoudeh petrol station. The program included different actions and a number of speeches for national forces.

1948 areas

Thousands attended the following activities: a march in Deir Hanna and a festival in the square of the market: a march in the village of Wadi Al-Ni’em in the Negev; a march in Yaffaat at the port that concluded with a festival in Al-Ajami garden; and marches in Kufr Kanna, Sakhnin and Arraba – all preceded by visits to memorials and the placement of wreaths upon the graves.


Tens of thousands marched on the road of the baptism site that overlooks occupied Jerusalem. The program included a number of events and an oratorical festival in which a number of prominent Jordanian personalities participated along with others representing the international delegations.


Thousands gathered after Friday prayers at Al-Shqeif Castle in Southern Lebanon overlooking the borders with Palestine. The program included an oratorical festival for prominent Lebanese, Palestinian and international figures.


Thousands attended an oratorical festival at Al-Azhar Al-Sharif and an athletic marathon entitled “Jerusalem is Ours” was held in front of Cairo University, passing through Al-Giza Square and ending at the pyramids. Additionally, a protest sit-in was held at Tahrir Square in Cairo.


Thousands marched in Damascus.


Hundreds of thousands marched in the capital Rabat organized by the Moroccan Board for the Defense of Nation’s Causes, affiliated with the Charity and Justice Bloc. The program included the following events: convening the “Jerusalem Forum” in coordination with the National Federation of Moroccan Students; a fast the day of March 29 and prayer throughout the night; demonstrations in Casablanca, Wejda, Fez and Meknes; and a massive march organized by the National Group for Support of Iraq and Palestine and the Moroccan Society for Support of the Palestinian Struggle at the intersection of Abu Shuaib Al-Dakkali Street and Mohammed the Sixth Street in Casablanca.


Massive marches were held in the capital Nouakchott, Friday sermons focused on Jerusalem throughout the country, and festivals were held in a number of cities.


Marches were held in several provinces and there was a large gathering in the capital Algiers.


The people gathered at the “Foundation Council” to demand a drafting of the constitution such that it criminalizes all forms of normalization with the Zionist entity, and thousands marched in front of Al-Fateh Mosque. Other events included: protest tents in Habib Bourgeiba Street; cultural events at the centers of the provinces with the participation of the Palestinian Artists Association from Gaza and the freed prisoner Ahlam Al-Tamimi and Um Kamel al-Kurd from Jerusalem, along with Tunisian musical bands, poets, exhibitions and documentary films on the history of the resistance.


A series of artistic, cultural and political events in mosques, schools, universities, streets and markets raised awareness about the occupation of Jerusalem. These actions culminated with a huge march towards the twin towers in Kuala Lumpur.


Tens of thousands gathered at simultaneous marches in the capital Jakarta, Surapaya, Bandong, Midan, Mekaser, Lumpuk and Pontiank.


The program included marches in 5 major cities: Bombay, Calcutta, Hayderabad, Maduray and the capital Delhi (in front of the Israeli embassy). The events also included a conference on Jerusalem in Delhi, and Friday sermons in 500 mosques focused on Jerusalem and the Judaization processes.


The people marched in Tehran.


The people marched in Lahore.


Thousands gathered in front of the Israeli embassy in London. The Palestinian ambassador spoke at the rally in addition to MPs and politicians who support Palestine along with leaders from the Arab and Islamic communities in Britain.

Another sit-in was held in the city of Manchester.


Rallies were held in front of the Israeli embassies in Rome and Milan.


A rally was held in Berlin in front of governmental headquarters. Other rallies were held in the following places: Bonn, Münsterplatz (by Nakba Group Bonn), Cologne, Domplatte (by Palestinian Community Cologne), Hamburg Altona, and Hauptstr.


A rally was held in the capital Vienna.


A tent in the shape of the Dome of the Rock was erected in front of the Norweigan Parliament for the media to promote awareness on the issue of Jerusalem and the suffering of its people. In addition, there was a sit-in in front of the tent during which sketches and artistic shows were presented by Palestinian children as well as a photo exhibit.


A demonstration was held in front of the parliament and a petition was organized demanding international action to save Jerusalem from the practices of the occupation.


There was a demonstration in front of the Swiss parliament in the city of Bern.


The people gathered in front of the Israeli embassy in the capital Dublin.


The people marched in Madrid.


There was a demonstration in front of the Israeli consulate in San Francisco, California; a demonstration in Syracuse, New York; a march in Copley Square in Boston, Massachusetts; and a solidarity march symbolically directed toward Jerusalem in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.


There were rallies in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Ottawa.


Demonstrations were held in 3 main cities: Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

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